Over the last few months, you might have seen some photos that I have been sharing. They are images of the Africa Mercy and some of my travels in Africa. I have been tagging these photos with the hashtag #boubakarexplores. I thought I would share with you what that means.

During our Christmas break from school on the Africa Mercy, our family drove 14 hours into the interior of Guinea to visit some missionary friends that we have known since 1999. Our host was introducing me to a Fulani member of community and he did not have a name for "Brian" in the local language, so he introduced me as Boubakar to the man.

I have always enjoyed photography and I do remember taking a photography class in High School and using a dark room too (I feel so old now)! As I no longer have landscaping as a hobby, I thought I would start improving my photography skills by becoming very simple with my tools (only a phone) and educating myself with techniques of photography.

So as I continue to share images that surround me on the Africa Mercy and in my travels, I will tag them with #boubakarexplores as a way to honor my Fulani friends in Guinea and also my love of capturing images.

You can visit my Instagram page or go to boubakarexplores! I welcome any tips and comments on this side hobby.


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