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Prayer Requests

October 2022

  • Pray for the crew of the Africa Mercy as they continue to serve the poor and needy in Senegal and deal with the logistics of managing COVID and operating a hospital ship.

  • Pray for the crew of the Global Mercy as they continue to prepare for their fist medical outreach at the beginning of 2023 in Senegal.

  • Pray for our Senegalese patients as they receive physical healing and experience of love of Jesus through our crew.  

  • The Africa Mercy will go into a 9-10 month shipyard phase in 2023 and the crew will transfer to the GLobal Mercy.  There is not space for all crew to transfer from the Africa Mercy to the Global Mercy.  Pray for wisdom and peace.

  • Pray for wisdom as Brian and Warrie parent teen, twin daughters (starting High School in August).

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