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Is it Football or Soccer?

Recently, the twins have been playing a lot of soccer with the other kids on the ship. The girls have been so excited to get out on the dock after school several times a week. This extra activity has been great for them and for Warrie and I.

Of course, only those from the USA call it soccer while the rest of the world call the game "football." My girls have a new appreciation of football and they will now understand the love of the game by almost all African kids and adults.We hope t encourage them in this sport in the future.

The Captain of the Africa Mercy and several other ship crew having been organizing football games on the dock and also with the local kids of Cameroon. The kids even got football uniforms to play in during a local tournament and then we able to keep them after their final game against the adults of the Africa Mercy.

Thank you to all the crew who took the time to invest in our kids and provided the extra exercise and adventure!

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