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Shall I?

One of my favorite musicians is Jeff Johnson. I have followed his musical journey since I was a teenager living on the Oregon Coast. His music makes me think and I do like to think! If you do not know of his music, I highly recommend it.

As Warrie and I were deciding whether or not to return to life on a ship in Africa early in 2017, I found myself listening to the song, Shall I? by Jeff Johnson. The words encouraged me as we continued to pray about joining the Africa Mercy as a family.

God speaks in many ways. The Bible is the main way that I get direction from God, but He also uses music, nature, people, events, etc... I am thankful that God has used the music of Jeff Johnson many times throughout the years to guide me closer to Him.

Thanks, Jeff!

Shall I?

By Jeff Johnson – Words based on a text from "The Pilgrim" featured in "A Golden Treasury Of Irish Poetry (AD 600 - 1200).

Shall I, King of the mysteries, Point my face to the sea, And turn my back on my native land, With your hand keeping me?


from Navigatio, released March 15, 1997

PS - Jeff came to the Africa Mercy in March to provide a retreat for our crew.

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