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The agricultural site taught us a lot. The people who worked there also showed great teamwork. They showed us a ton of that they did there. The best thing was that there they were training people from Africa. So they could grow food for themselves.

Harry Says “The bunny cage there stinks!” We did a lot of cool things there. 5th Grade and down was there. We held really cute bunnies and baby bunnies. They grow a lot of vegetables. We got to eat some yogurt that they made. Also we got to eat fresh corn from their garden.

One of the funny moments there was , we were about to go out of the bunny cage when it started raining and we decided to wait out the in the rabbits house. Later it was time to eat but still raining so we decided to just go. The teachers told us not to run because we would slip. But Estevam did not listen because , “Stop running!” yelled the teachers. “ You’re going to slip!” And sure enough he slipped. He was all muddy.

We saw where they grew all there vegetables. There were a lot. They had all types of vegetables. They also hd two or three greenhouses that held plants and things like that.

After that we finally ate lunch. It was really good.After a while they even bought out some of their corn for us to eat. We got to eat in a really big building that kind of looked like a church from the outside. It was really big in the inside. It had really long tables inside too.

We earned a lot from that place. It is really good place for kids to learn. It’s also very fun and entertaining. I think even the adults learned something! Everyone enjoyed it there, including me!

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