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Crew Bio: Kathy Shearon (USA) Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist

  • “Being in a behind-the-scenes profession, most of the public doesn’t get to see all the ways we serve our patients. It is really neat that both medical and non-medical people can come and see what we do and get a better understanding of what a hospital lab is all about. I love that we perform testing and hear stories from each of our surgical specialties and have a direct hand in helping them on their journey to healing. I also really enjoy working with professionals from all over the world and learning from them. We can learn so much from each other if we only take the time to listen”.

  • “I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with creative (yet effective) solutions when working on a hospital ship. From overcoming supply shortages to finding a better way to process something, it is really fun to see all the innovative ideas that come from serving in such a unique environment. It also helps in prioritizing what really matters in the work we do.”

  • “I have always felt called to do humanitarian work overseas and somehow incorporate my skills as a lab scientist and Mercy Ships allows me to do both of these things. I have kept coming back to serve because I love the commitment Mercy Ships makes to the host country to help develop the healthcare system and leave it stronger than when we came”.

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