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The Mountain Is Alive

On our last Monday in Switzerland my parents were convinced by the Wagner family to all go up into the mountain where we spent the night where shepherds stay and then they watch over the cows in the spring. On our first night there Alyssa, me, and our friend Zoe climbed up to a cave that was shipped like a mouth. We stayed up there and explored for about ten minutes. Then we decided to head back down.

On the way down it was much steeper than coming up. We also decided to pick flowers for our moms. There were so so many different types of ild floors up there I had a hard time choosing which ones to pick! They were all so pretty! When we got back to where everyone was sitting and showed our moms the flowers we hd picked for them. They all admired them.

Soon it was to… EAT SMORES!! Everyone headed up and got ready to build a fire. when the fire was ready everyone started making smores! Soon everyone was tired and we headed back in. We had a terrific time in Switzerland!

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