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On Jaraama: Fulani Church In Conakry

This morning, Warrie and I (and the twins) went to a local Fulani church with the Schwinds. Warrie and I first encountered the Fula people in 1998 in Guinea. We lived in a small village in the interior of the country with about 20 others Discipleship Training School students that we where leading on an outreach project for Mercy Ships.

During with DTS outreach, we gained a love for this people group and this morning we were able to attend a local gathering of Fulani at a small church. We were surprised to meet the son and daughter of the Fula Pastor who guided our group 20 years ago.

We look forward to meeting with group once again. We even met a young Fulani lady who will be working with the Africa Mercy during the next ten months.

Please pray for this Fulani church in Conakry, Guinea and for the Fula people in general.

More images from our time with the Fulani in 1998:

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