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Welcome to Guinea

On Saturday, August 11, the Africa Mercy arrived in Conakry, Guinea for the start of a 10 month field service.

They say that Guinea is one of the rainiest places in West Africa, but a little rain didn’t stop the celebration Saturday as the Advance Team and a number of Guinean Day Crew welcomed the Africa Mercy into our familiar berth in the port of Conakry. The rainy skies even produced a rainbow that encouraged the soggy Advance Team as they awaited our arrival.

After arrival, the ship was cleared quickly and soon the official Arrival Ceremony began, hosted by the First Lady of Guinea, and attended by the Minister of Health, the US Ambassador, and number of other officials who then boarded the ship for a brief reception.

After dinner, the Advance Team briefed the crew on the area around the port and we thanked the Lord and our technical crew for a smooth sail and safe arrival in Conakry.

As we celebrate this “new beginning” I would like to say “Merci Beaucoup” on behalf of all the crew for the prayers raised all over the world that have brought us this far! Please We welcome your continued prayers as we start off Mercy Ships’ fourth field service in Guinea.

Images courtsey of the Mercy Ships Communication Team on the Africa Mercy.

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