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Playing Hide-And-Seek With A Blind Man

When I was around 7 or 8 years old (back in the 70s), my dad was hosting a muscian named Ken Medema for our local church. Somehow, he came over for dinner to our house and at some point I played Hide-And-Seek with him. He was a blind musician, but somehow I am pretty sure that I did not make it easy on him due to this fact.

Over the years, I have appreciated Ken's music and was able to meet him once again in 2000 during a Wheaton College Chapel service. It was great to reunite with this talented man who has been so faithful to the Lord.

Ken has the unique gift of writing songs on the spot. I have seen this in person and he also wrote a song for my dad based on a letter that I sent him. If you enjoy stories, take some time and discover this artist.

Listen to the student stories and how Ken composes a personal song for them at 10:50!

I showed my 10 year old twins this video this morning and also played the song that he wrote my dad. They were captivated by Ken's ability to write and play.



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