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Unexpected Meeting Today!

So, today I had an unexpected meeting that including an interview on Guinean TV and becoming an honorary member of a local Non-Profit Organization.

My long time friend of 17 years from Guinea and former Mercy Ships crew member, Jean Baptist, invited me to lunch a few months ago and today was the day to meet with him. Over the last few days, I realized (through many emails) it was a lunch that included about 25 people. The group included the National Director of Education in Guinea, several journals, teachers, and pastors. This was not just a meeting to catch up on old times.

As most of the meeting was in French, my interpreter turned to me and reminded me that we had already met on the Africa Mercy when Warrie gave a tour to some local missionaries. I had a great time and I definitely tell that God was up to something with orchestration so many contacts that could not be a coincident. I was encouraged by the vision of this group for the future of their country and the passion that they had.

I look forward to see how God will use this meeting during our time in Guinea and beyond.

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