An Adventure in Kankalabe

The day after Christmas, my family, a nurse named Ria Bos, and I left the Africa Mercy at 7:30 and drove 14 hours to a place in Guinea, called Kankalabe. When we got there it was 9:00pm. The people there were other missionaries that had been friends with my parents for 20 years. They were the Hofland Family. We quickly ate dinner at there house and then my family and Ria all crashed in their guest house.

While we were there we all had a blast My favorite part was that they had 2 dogs. One was a black Lab who's name was Godiva. The other was a smaller mutt, who is light brown. She was abused as a puppy and does not trust you until she gets to know you.

On the second to last day we traveled some of the way back and we went to some waterfalls. After that we all went to another house that anyone could stay in. So we all slept there along with the Hoflands. The next morning we met friends of the Hoflands and the house they were staying in had a rope/stick swing! That was very fun. Later that morning we had to go, and since we had traveled a little way to the waterfalls we only went 8 hours in the car. When we got back we unloaded the car and went to the New Years Eve party outside on the deck of the Africa Mercy (my parents went to sleep early).

I had a splendid adventure in Kankalabe this Christmas!


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