Addison's Christmas Adventure

For my Christmas break I went to an amazing place named Kankalabe. I had a great time there, with all the creatures that I never believed that I would ever see, like a spitting cobra! When I was there I felt free, like a bird soaring through the open sky with nothing in its way! It might have been the best Christmas break I ever had in my life!

When I was in Kankalabe with my family and a friend we learned how to pump water out of the ground, it was fun! Even if we didn't want to get water that was the only way to get water to drink. Also the tree that was by the pump was full of bees, so you would have to be careful!

This was a great trip that I went on, and soon I want to go back again! I had so much fun hiking to giant rock caves, waterfalls, meeting a black lab named Godiva and a mutt named Ariel! Also, taking a bucket shower and washing the dishes in a bucket was fun! I had a fabulous time with our other friend missionaries and how they try to help people in Guinea! It was amazing!


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