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My Next Door Neighbor - Dr. Gary

Early in his surgical career, Dr. Gary joined a Mercy Ships team in Mexico in 1986 and has served with Mercy Ships ever since. He has had a front-row view of the tremendous surgical need in countries listed in the lower part of the UN Human Development Index … countries where people live on $2 or less per day … countries where hope is an elusive luxury.

I have known Dr. Gary Parker for a long time (I met him on the Anastasis when I was serving in Jamaica and he was not married yet!) and he is such a down to earth guy. If you get to hear him speak in public or in a small gathering, he is inspiring to listen to. I know his family well as both his children attending the Mercy Ships Academy for almost all of their K-12 schooling. He is also my neighbor on the Africa Mercy and fellow gardener (although we are restricted to house plants while living on a ship).

Thank you, Dr. Gary, for serving with Mercy Ships and being a friend!

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