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Island Adventure Birthday Party

March 17th is a special day at the Blackburn house (cabin). This is the day that Addison and Alyssa entered the world and for their 11th birthday, they requested to have an adventure on one of the islands pictured behind them.

We left early on Saturday morning and we invite our 2 other classmates in 4th and 5th grade. We also invited several ship teachers and a few other ship friends.

After a short drive packed into a van, we walked through a fishing village and found our island transportation. It took about 45 minutes in a motorized canoe to get to the island.

After settling into our round beach huts, we explored the beach and had all sorts of fun.

Addison and Alyssa took turns getting buried in the sand. I am sure that sand will be found for months to come in our ship cabin!

We enjoyed finding unusual beach creatures. Do you see the crab?

The food and friends were a great treat for us to experience on a tropical island.

On the way back, Addison was exhausted, but I am sure she will start planning her next adventure soon.

Thank you to all our friends, you came to celebrate with us on our 11th birthday. You are a blessing to our lives!

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