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Amadou - Maxillofacial - Patient of the Month

When Amadou boarded the #AfricaMercy to receive surgery, it was after a long wait. For 15 years he’d continued to serve his community as a nurse in Guinea, even while a tumor grew on his salivary gland.

“I cannot see someone suffering and not help them, but I am unable to treat myself,” he said. “Well, I am asking God to help me get treatment.”

Amadou was not disappointed. Learn more about his story of healing, and how it allowed him to continue healing others.

Amadou is the only healthcare provider in his village in Guinea. So when he returned after having a facial tumor removed, it was like the arrival of a king. A group of motorcycles paraded him into town, where a crowd celebrated in the street and held him up on their shoulders.

“I cannot even begin to describe what this community means to me and how much I love them,” Amadou said. “It’s even more than they seem to love me!”

Your support has a ripple effect. Learn more about how Amadou’s healing enabled him to continue serving others.





Photo Credit: Lara Arkinstall

Written by Mercy Ships

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