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First Patients

After a 22-month pause caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the first patient to undergo surgical treatment on Africa Mercy since its return to Africa has been welcomed aboard! This moment is something to celebrate and praise the Lord for! So many of you have worked so hard to make this return happen so that we could return to our original mission to provide free surgeries and medical training on the continent.

The first patient to come on board is a young mother named Sokhna, and she will undergo a maxillofacial surgery for a cleft lip. She said she feels "just peace and joy," and she is looking forward most to the moment her husband sees her cleft lip repaired. For the next ten months, a thousand surgeries are scheduled to take place abroad Africa Mercy and nearly 750 healthcare providers are expected to receive medical training in various specialties.

Keep praying for the safety and health of our crew and patients. All of this could not have happened without the dedication of each and every Mercy Shipper. Thank you for all your hard work and prayers. Make sure you take a moment to pause and celebrate this moment!

written by Mercy Ships Communications

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