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For over forty years!

Awa has lived with her cleft lip for over forty years. Many people could not see past her disfigured mouth, to see the loving wife, mother, and daughter, who thrives on making others smile. After receiving free surgery with Mercy Ships, that's all they'll be able to see!

While visiting her local hospital for a pregnancy check-up, Awa was told of the pending arrival of Mercy Ships in Senegal. In addition to the incredible blessing becoming a mother has been for Awa, it has also opened the door to healing onboard the Africa Mercy!

Awa is loved by those close to her, but is hurt by others' mistreatment and how this affects her family. Her surgery to repair her cleft lip on the Africa Mercy brings hope and healing not just to her, but to at least three generations!

With no means to pay for an operation, Awa had accepted living with her disfiguring cleft lip for the rest of her life. Yet, decades later, this was all about to change! As her surgery onboard the Africa Mercy drew closer, Awa fostered a new found hope of restoration.

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