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Global Mercy Sea Trials

The Global Mercy. our newest hospital ship, is almost ready of service in Africa. The Global Mercy has officially passed its sea trials and will be ready to sail to its equipping phase soon. This ship will be serving the people of Africa in 2022.

What does it take to get the world’s largest civilian hospital ship out on the open water? Check out Part 1 of our Global Mercy Sea Trials video series to find out! You'll get to take a peek behind the scenes of the final milestones in her journey to serve in Africa!

Before you know it, the GlobalMercy will be sharing hope and transforming lives in Africa. But before we can bring her home, we had to pass a major milestone: deep water sea trials. Take a look at the journey of our sea trials, from speed tests to ship maneuverability and more!

Sea trials are successfully behind us, but the journey is only beginning. We can’t wait to see the lives that will be transformed on our new ship, which will function as both a floating hospital and a floating training center. Stay tuned as we prepare to bring the GlobalMercy to Europe for her finishing touches!


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