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Guido Kortleven, Senior Biomedical Technician

“Mercy Ships was the best place for me to share my talents, in a way that suits my personality. I previously worked in a hospital as a biomedical technician, and as far as I know, there are no other NGOs that offer the opportunity to do this kind of work."

“My role is to keep the medical equipment running – I make sure there is a safe environment for the patients, and support the nurses and surgeons with safe equipment that is in working order. Mercy Ships was a perfect fit for me. I wanted to share my God-given talents with people who needed it the most, and this felt like the best place for me to do this.”

“We live in a community here, and it is about receiving and giving. We share our talents, our energy and our space as much as we can with others – the crew, the patients and the surrounding country. It is a unique environment where you benefit from being around other people who have other strengths and talents."


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