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Mothers Onboard: Frances Clear

“My children keep me very optimistic and joyful,” says wife, mother, and nurse Frances Clear. “In a situation like now (quarantined in Spain onboard theAfrica Mercy) where everyone is in a state of flux, the temptation is to get anxious and panic. But they don’t worry because, as parents, we are making decisions, and they trust us. It also reminds me that my heavenly Father has got this – God is big enough to figure things out.”

Stuart and Frances Clear, and their two boys Joseph and James, have lived and served onboard the Africa Mercy for almost four years now! Frances, whose role onboard includes wife, mother, and outpatient nurse, says: “I’ve really enjoyed my children being able to interact with other crew members onboard. They have so many aunts, uncles and grandparents here, and that is beautiful. It is wonderful to be part of a community where your kids are loved well.” 

Frances Clear, from Great Britain, loves being a mother onboard the Africa Mercy: "There are a lot of positives! Including that there is a great social life for the kids, as well as us mothers. We live so close to each other, making it easy to set up playdates and get together for coffee. Plus, our 'commute' to school and work is very short!"

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