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School Retreat in Senegal

Last week grades 6 through 12 went on a retreat. A retreat is when we go maybe 2-3 hours away off the ship, and stay at some place with beds and stuff. We went to this camp ground place with beach. It had different buildings for us to stay in. There was one building with like the kitchen and a big open space and some beds. Then there was another building. It was split in half. One half for the girls, one half for the boy. That building was filled with bunkbeds for everyone to share.

While we were there, we played games at night and during the day. There was a beach outside of the campground and we went there often as well. One time we found feathers and pigeon parts in the water and after that everyone got out.

On the second day we were there, we went to a baobab tree zip line park. It was really exciting. Everyone had tons of fun. It was sort of like a climbing corse combined with a zip line corse.

We went for about a week, and on the last night we were there, we played a murder mystery game! It was really fun. We played it at night which made it more fun. Those three days were a blast! Unfortunately that was the only one of the year. We all had a blast!


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