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Snow day in East Texas or in the middle of the ocean...

Yes, this is the correct picture for this post!

As it is snowing hard right now in East Texas, after a week of below freezing weather, this photo (Warrie and the twins on the bow of the Africa Mercy during a "Worship at Sea" event), caught my attention today as it surfaced on my computer.

At the same time I came across this quote from Jim Elliot (martyred missionary to Ecuador), "Wherever you are - be all there."

So, what do these three images have in common?

For most of my life, I have lived in many location in the US (as a military kid) and then in Africa (as a missionary with Mercy Ships) and it is very easy to look to the past and remember how good things were or think of all the great thing that will be once our current situation is over. However, I have learned that we need to be present in our current situation or we might miss what God has for us.

I might be in the middle of an ocean on a ship, in a multi-million dollar home in the mountains, in a hut in Africa, sitting behind the screen of a computer in an office building, or stuck in a snow storm in East Texas with my entire family for a week.

Wherever you are, be all there!

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