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The operation is just the beginning!

When sweet Houssainatou came to the Africa Mercy, she was so excited and unafraid at the thought of surgery to remove her facial tumor. The operation is just the beginning of Houssainatou’s journey.

Houssainatou came to the Africa Mercy with a tumor that she’d carried for years – and her first look in the mirror after surgery brought a huge smile. “I’m happy when I look in the mirror now. My family and friends will not believe it – they will say, ‘this girl is not Houssainatou!’”

Healed, happy, and healthier than she’s ever been, 10-year-old Houssainatou will soon be ready to return home! “My heart is free now. The fear is gone,” said her father Souleymane. “I used to spend every day afraid she would die young, but now I will spend my time helping her have a future.”


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