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The w\Weight of His Deformity

Five-year-old Babacar was born with an abnormal growth on his chest. Yet it was his mother, Cire, who carried the weight of his deformity. People told her she'd birthed a monster and they rejected her son. That weight was lifted when Cire and Babacar came to the #AfricaMercy.

“I remember Babacar’s mom commenting on how we saw and loved her son,” said Brittany Garrelts (pictured above). “That love and acceptance began to heal her before we ever operated on her son; it wasn't the same as how most people treated him. You could see her smile bloom the more time she spent with us.” 

Now that Babacar received his free life-changing surgery, he is the carefree little boy his mother, Cire, always dreamed he would be. Running down the hall of the wards was just the beginning of his newfound escapades.

“There is no more fear; no more shame; no more having to hide,” Cire says, “He is free—and so am I.” 

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