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If I Only Had A Brain!

I now have proof that I do have a brain! Here is my current MRI to prove it. However, I still can't get the song from the Wizard of Oz out of my head. make a long story short, I recently went to the local hospital in the Canary Islands to check if I had a brain tumor. I don't, however, I still have something called Essential Tremors that I have had for over a decade. It doesn't really impact my normal day, but at times there is some uncontrollably shaking in my head (haircuts are somewhat challenging to say the least). I can normally manage the tremors with exercise and other stress management techniques.

Why did I get an MRI? My mom died suddenly of a brain tumor at age 48 and I am now 49 years old, so we just wanted to make sure want was going on. Honestly, turning 48 was a bit concern to me due to what happened to my Mom.

I did have some increased tremors during our last sail a few months ago. I think I have figured out why and so I will no longer stand up in front of a large group of people (backwards) while sailing on a ship. My balance is off a bit and so sailing and trying to to do public speaking is not something on my list to do in the future.

Thanks for all the prayers as we were trying to sort this all out. We are good to go for our next field service in Guinea, West Africa and we look forward arriving this weekend. Warrie and I led a small group of young people into the interior of Guinea back in 1998. We will have lots of updates soon.

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