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Welcome to South Africa

Greetings from South Africa! On Wednesday, November 1st, I left East Texas and traveled over 8,000 miles to Durban, South Africa. The Africa Mercy (our home from 2017-2020) has been in a shipyard for the past 9 months while the Global Mercy has been serving the people of Senegal and now Sierra Leone.

I am here is help prepare our ship school, the Academy, for the restart of its service to the 25 families that will join the Africa Mercy in January 2024. The ship will then sail to Madagascar to provide medical care to their people.

I have been a school teacher, the principal, the school director, and the school administrator for our ship schools. My boss, who is from South Africa, and fellow co-worker for over 15 years has commented that organizing spaces is my "Superpower." So, after redesigning a large space in our school, I have been asked to go and make sure the school is ready.

I am here for three weeks and I have already been surprised by the crew that I was not expecting to see that are currently on the ship. Please pray for Warrie as she has the harder job of staying home and being a single parent of teens.

After 24 hours of travel, I made it to the Africa Mercy in Durban, South Africa!


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